Citation Policy

Thank you to all of the generous researchers who have contributed data to Peekbank!

  1. Researchers publishing or presenting work using data in the Peekbank database must cite the publications linked to that dataset, as shown below in the contributors list. (If there is no linked citation, then no citation for the individual dataset is necessary).
  2. For tracking use of the database and its affiliated tools, please also cite:

    Zettersten, M., Bergey, C. A., Bhatt, N., Boyce, V., Braginsky, M., Carstensen, A., deMayo, B., Kachergis, G., Lewis, M., Long, B., MacDonald, K., Mankewitz, J., Meylan, S. C., Saleh, A. N., Schneider, R. M., Tsui, A., Uner, S., Xu, T. L., Yurovsky, D., & Frank, M.C. (2021). Peekbank: Exploring children’s word recognition through an open, large-scale repository for developmental eye-tracking data. Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.

  3. If researchers use more than 5 datasets, we ask users to cite all data. But in case of severe space limitations, the database as a whole may be cited.
  4. Since the Peekbank database is dynamic, we recommend that you list the date of download for your data in your manuscript. For example: “In these analyses, all available datasets in English from Peekbank were used (Zettersten et al., 2021). Data were downloaded on 4/20/21.”

Sharing Data

To contribute your data, please email peekbank-dev[at] For further information about sharing your data with Peekbank, please see here.

Current Datasets

Below is a list of all datasets currently available in Peekbank (as of 4/29/22).